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Corn Syrups

DE 40, DE 50, DE 70, DE 97

Corn syrup (aka glucose syrup) is a corn (maize) based sweetener containing glucose, maltose and other polysaccharides. It is classified into dextrose equivalent levels (DE-value), which is the measure of sweetness of the corn syrup as compared to that of sucrose syrup (DE-value of 100). The higher the DE-value, the sweeter the syrup. Corn syrup is used as replacement for sucrose, but is less sweet then sucrose.


High Maltose Corn Syrup

with minimum 50% maltose content

Maltose dissolves and crystallizes slowly in aqueous solutions. It is less sweet and more stable than sucrose.


Fructose Containing Corn Syrup

with fructose content ranging from 9 – 30%

(HFCS) High Fructose Corn Syrup is a liquid blend of glucose, maltose, fructose and higher saccharides, which is primarily used in beverages, fine baked goods, desserts and canned fruits.



DE 6 (corn based)

DE 10 (corn based)

DE 19 (corn based)

A non-sweet, nutritive saccharide polymer that consists of D-glucose units and has a dextrose equivalent (DE-value) of less than 20. Maltodextrins are derived by partial hydrolysis of corn (maize), waxy maize or potato starch and are actually not sweet and not fermentable. Maltodextrins have fair solubility and act as bulking agent, texturizer, carrier, and crystallization inhibitor for baby food, flavors, spices, puddings, candies and confectionery.


Corn Syrup Solids

DE 29, DE 39, DE 97

Is a dried form of corn syrup (glucose syrup) used where it is impractical to use the liquid syrup.


Dextrose Monohydrate

Also known as D-Glucose Powder, is a corn starch based sweetener, which contains less than 0.5 percent water. Dextrose is easily soluble in water and has a pleasant, fruitlike-refreshing taste of moderate sweetness. Dextrose enhances taste and shelf life and produces a high-temperature browning effect in baked goods. Other applications include beverages, candy and confections, dairy products, desserts, fruit preparations, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.


Beet Sugar

Beet Sugar is an entirely natural product obtained from sugar beets, without any additives or animal by-products, certified Kosher and Vegan approved!

The pure, clear sugar crystals appear white due to the refraction of light. The sucrose content of these crystals is nearly 100%, making this beet sugar a high-purity sweetener.

Our Beet Sugar is unbleached, sustainable and environmentally friendly: since the sugar beet is a root crop, growing underground, no pre-harvesting burning of sugar fields is necessary!

We offer the following types of organic beet sugar :

  • Raw
  • White Crystalline
  • Powdered/Confectioners


Rice Syrup

DE 42, DE 60


Brown Rice Syrup

DE 42, DE 60


Rice Maltodextrin

DE 18


Rice Syrup Solids

DE 24, DE 28