Naturally occurring sugars are extracted via a unique and patented process, ensuring maximum nutrient retention while preserving the nutritional benefits of Apples, Dates, and Grapes.

The preserved naturalness of our liquid sweeteners, paired with scientifically proven nutritional characteristics made possible by a proprietary technological extraction process, allows for endless applications in “reduced sugar”, “clean” and “clear” label foods and beverages.

The unique and patented production process ensures the naturalness of our products while preserving the distinctive natural sugar composition of the individual fruit, and limiting the impact of our activity on the environment.

These syrups are perfectly transparent, color- and odorless, neutral tasting, without additives, preservatives, allergens, and Non-GMO.


Creating sweet added value:

• Label friendly: eliminate various sugars (sucrose, glucose-fructose, dextrose, fructose, etc.) with one unique sweetener.

• Nutritional benefits (low carb) due to high sweetening intensity: reduced sugar content and calorie count in the finished product without compromising taste.

• Syrups with high fructose and glucose content sharply decrease water activity, thereby stabilizing bacterial growth and improving shelf life.

• Ideal for “clean” and “clear” label applications, responding to consumer demands for healthier and more natural foods.

• Take advantage of the extremely low Glycemic Index (GI) of these fruit sweeteners.

• Share a positive message and healthy image: sweetness from actual fruits!



Date Juice Concentrate   (CJD)
Grape Juice Concentrate   (CJRB)
Date Syrup   (SD)
Grape Syrup   (SR)
Apple Sugar Syrup   (FSOA)
Date Sugar Syrup   (FSOD)
Grape Sugar Syrup   (FSOG)
Fructose/Glucose Syrups   (FS 50/60/75/80)

These are customized blends of Apples and Dates offer a wide sweetening profile with unique nutritional benefits and a fructose content up to 95%.

The FS 75 and FS 80 are suitable alternatives and equivalent substitutes to Agave Syrup, offering consistent supply and better price stability than agave.

Fructose Syrup   (FS 95/98)

The only fructose from actual fruit: a transparent, stable syrup with up to 98% pure fructose!