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Heliaflor® 55 Sunflower Protein

min. 55% protein, 15% dietary fiber and less than 2% fat | Folate | Copper | Vitamins

Features very good water (1:4) and fat binding capacities, as well as excellent emulsification properties.

Heliaflor® 45 Sunflower Protein

min. 45% protein and 12% dietary fiber
Features exceptional water (1:5) and fat binding capacities, as well as very good emulsification properties.

Heliaflor® 70 Sunflower Protein

Peeled organic sunflower seeds are partially defatted using an innovative, patent pending pressing process. The obtained sunflower seed press (oil) cake is filtered, and pulverized by kryonert®-technology: oxygen-free and temperature-controlled. Contains min. 70% protein.

Heliaflor® N Sunflower Protein

Organic sunflower protein made from sunflower press cake, which is purified with water and citric acid. The purified protein mass is dried in a fluidized bed, and in a last step is pulverized via our propriatory kryonert®-technology, an oxygen-free and temperature-controlled process. Contains min. 55% protein (absolute) and max. 15% fat.

Heliaflor® Crisps

Organic sunflower protein crisps available in five qualities for cereal, bar and analogue meat applications:

Original · GF Gluten free · Chocolate Coated · Strips · Instant

Almond Protein 50%

approx. 20% dietary fiber | max. 14% fat.

Cashew Protein 35%

Chia Protein 30%

min. 40% fiber | naturally rich in ALA Omega-3 fatty acids

Coconut Protein 17%

Cranberry Protein 15%

min. 15% fiber | naturally rich in Vitamin C and E

Golden Flax Protein 30%

min. 30% fiber | naturally rich in ALA Omega-3 fatty acids

Hemp Protein 50%

Pea Protein 80%

Pomegranate Protein 18%

min. 55% fiber | naturally rich in Omega-5 fatty acids (punicic acid)

Pumpkin Protein 60% – Roasted or Unroasted

min. 13% fiber | naturally rich in Magnesium and ALA Omega-3 fatty acids

Brown Rice Protein Concentrate 80%

Rice Protein Concentrate 80%

Sprouted Brown Rice Protein Concentrate 80%

Wheat Germ Protein 25%

min. 15% fiber | contains Minerals and Vitamins