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Heliaflor® 55C Sunflower Protein

Peeled sunflower seeds are partially defatted by a patent pending production process. The obtained sunflower press cake is CO2 extracted and pulverized by kryonert®-technology: oxygen-free and temperature-controlled.
Contains min. 55% protein (dry mass) and max. 2% fat.

Sunflower Protein 80%

Sunflower protein concentrate 80% is a water soluble, solvent extracted plan protein with max. 2% fat.

Pea Protein 50%

Pea Protein 80%

Pumpkin Protein 60% – Roasted or Unroasted

min. 13% fiber | naturally rich in Magnesium and ALA Omega-3 fatty acids

Brown Rice Protein Concentrate 80%

Rice Protein Concentrate 80%

Sprouted Brown Rice Protein Concentrate 80%

Available in 140 mesh and 270 US mesh

Wheat Germ Protein 22%

min. 15% fiber | contains Minerals and Vitamins