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Our organic oils and fats are mostly of cold-pressed, virgin quality. They are produced from suitable seeds, bran or fruits, which are gently processed in order to preserve all the nutrients in the oil, e.g. vitamins. The term “cold pressed” indicates that the oil is obtained by mechanical pressing without external heat supply.

The term “virgin“ refers to the raw material‘s only pre-treatment is mechanical, and the oil‘s only post-treatment after pressing is filtration.

Some specialty oils (e.g. rice bran oil) can only be obtained via CO² extraction; a physical process whereby the precious oil is extracted at a low temperature.

Extensive Quality Control – our premium quality organic oils are subject to careful quality tests by our in-house quality department as well as external laboratories.
We guarantee 100% pure and clean oils!




Demeter stands for biodynamic agriculture. We can offer single oils of this quality. We intend to expand our range of Demeter products according to demand and availability.

COSMOS Certified

For the cosmetic sector we offer COSMOS certification corresponding to the regulations for natural and organic cosmetics of the BDIH. The better part of our products hold the EU organic certification DE-ÖKO-005 for food as well as the status COSMOS certified for cosmetics. Organic non-food oils are only COSMOS certified.

COSMOS Approved

Non-organic products not produced from organic raw materials, but complying with the BDIH regulations, are COSMOS Approved. As some oils are not available in organic quality, this certification offers the possibility of using non-organic oils in natural cosmetics.