Naturally, Non-GMO sunflower lecithin is the leading replacement for soybean lecithin to prevent possible soy related allergens.

Another reason to choose sunflower lecithin is the growing awareness of food allergies.

Sunflower lecithin can be seen as the best source of vegetable lecithin for the food market.

Additional advantages such as its high phosphatidylcholine content, lower linolenic acid (= better stability) and high performance in its applications within the food, dietetic and pharmaceutical markets.

No matter the application we have the right lecithin for your formulation.

We offer the following types of sunflower lecithin:

  • Standard Grade
  • Premium Grade RBD
  • Hydrolyzed
  • Instantized
  • Solvent-free (mechanically extracted)  
  • Organic Standard Grade
  • Organic Premium Grade RBD

Besides liquid sunflower lecithin, we also offer Non-GMO Deoiled Sunflower Lecithin powder. This flavor neutral powder is made by removing the oil from the liquid lecithin, resulting in a powder with high acetone-insoluble content (min. 95%) and excellent emulsifying properties.

  • New: Organic Deoiled Powder 
  • Deoiled Powder