Although rapeseeds contain only half as much lecithin as soybeans, rapeseed lecithin has grown tremendously popular over the past decade.

Interest in non-soy lecithin has grown because of GMO issues in soybeans and possible food allergic reactions.

There is often confusion between the use of the terms “rapeseed” and “canola”. Rapeseed is the traditional name for the group of oilseed crops in the Brassicaceae family.

Generally, canola refers to the edible oil crop that is characterized by low erucic acid (less than 2 percent). “Natural rapeseed” refers to any rapeseed with a high content (min. 45 percent) of erucic acid in the oil.

The lecithin offered by Austrade Inc. is made from rapeseed oil of non-genetically engineered seeds of European origin.

Rapeseed lecithin has a significant content in C18:3 ALA (alpha-linolenic acid), hence provides generous amounts of this essential omega-3 fat (up to 3.6%). ALA is said to benefit cardiovascular health.

We offer the following types of liquid rapeseed lecithin:
  • Standard
  • Hydrolyzed
  • Premium Grade RB

Besides liquid rapeseed lecithin we also offer Non-GMO Deoiled Rapeseed Lecithin powder. This flavor neutral powder is made by removing the oil from the liquid lecithin, resulting in a powder with high acetone-insoluble content (min. 95%) and excellent emulsifying properties.


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