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Sunflower Seed Flour | Organic | Gluten-free

Organic sunflower seeds are dehulled, partially defatted and milled into a fine flour. A low carb, high fiber and allergen-free replacement for nut or soy flours.

Nutritional Information

Fat: ~ 10 %
Carbohydrates: ~ 7 %
Dietary Fiber: ~ 18 %


  • Rich in fiber
  • High fat and water binding capacity
  • Very food emulsification properties



  • Breads and bakery
  • Soy- and nut flour alternative

Soy Isoflavones | Non-GMO IP

A standardized soy isoflavone concentrate in powder form with a high biological value for the food industry. Produced without chemical washing to ensure and retain the natural soy profile, this isoflavone is free from solvents and additives. It contains 20 times the amount of isoflavones than traditional soy products.

The addition of 1g product not only adds 20 mg isoflavones but also the complete natural soy matrix. Applications include baked goods, confectionery products, spreads and cereals.