STARCHES – Organic or Non-GMO

Potato Starches

unmodified | low moisture | modified

Corn Starches

unmodified | low moisture | modified | heat-treated | pharma grade

Wheat Starch


Waxy Maize Starches

unmodified | modified

Are specialty starches that yield clear pastes upon cooling that are also non congealing. They are primarily used as a thickening agent in puddings and sauces. Some types also improve shear stability and freeze/thaw stability.

Pregelatinized Starches

corn | potato | waxy maize

Are specialty (pre-cooked) starches that permit swelling in cold water (cws = cold water-soluble), as compared to natural starches, which require heating. Pregel starches feature excellent thickening properties designed for easy application in unique food products that do not require heat for preparation.



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