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Sunflower Lecithin

As with soy, there are genetically modified varieties of most of the aforementioned seeds;
not so with sunflower seeds.

Another reason to choose sunflower lecithin, besides the GMO-aspect of conventional soy lecithin, is the growing awareness of food allergies:

eight food groups cause 90 percent of all known food-allergic reactions

They are - peanuts, tree nuts (pecans and walnuts, for example), fish, shellfish, milk, eggs, soy and wheat, which are summarized in the ``Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004''.

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Therefore, sunflower lecithin can be seen as the best source of vegetable lecithin for the food market: it is the perfect choice to replace lecithin made from (genetically modified) soybeans as well as to prevent a possible allergic reaction to soy.

Sunflower lecithin has additional advantages such as very low odor and neutral taste, high phosphatidylcholine content, lower linolenic acid (= better stability) and high performance in its applications within the food, dietetic and pharmaceutical markets.

The performance of sunflower lecithin is almost identical to that of soy lecithin as displayed in the below comparison charts:

Fatty Acid Composition

C16 Palmitic Acid: Soy:17


C18 Stearic Acid: Soy:5


C18:1 Oleic Acid: Soy:19


C18:2 Linoleic Acid: Soy:53


C18:3 Linolenic Acid: Soy:6


When comparing the fatty acid composition,

one can see very little difference between

sunflower and soy lecithin.

Phospholipic Composition

PE Phosphatidylethanolamine: Soy:8


PC Phosphatidylcholine: Soy:12

Sunflower: 15

PA Phosphatidic Acid: Soy:3.5

Sunflower: 2

PI Phosphatidylinositol: Soy:10

Sunflower: 1


An interesting aspect is the higher content in phosphatidylcholine (PC) of sunflower lecithin.
PC is considered the most important phospholipid conferring the best dispersing and emulsifying properties of lecithin.

Applications include the manufacturing of chocolate, margarine, bread and pastry, confectionery, biscuits as well as dietetic and pharmaceutical products.

We offer the following types of liquid sunflower lecithin:

- Standard
- Hydrolyzed 
- Premium Grade RB
- Heat Resistant
- Instantized
- Solvent-free (mechanically extracted)
- 100% Certified Organic

The premium quality sunflower lecithin was specifically developed for use in release agents, antifoam agents and other applications calling for extra refined and bleached lecithin.

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